The privious wirelss admin left our company and didn't let the other know the Radius shared secret key on the 5508 WLC. The 5508 WLC is running on code I can access the WLC viao CLI and GUI. I can also access the Win2003 Radius server but the key shows asterisk to me. I have listed partial Radius config of the WLC below.

The sample config below assumes two RADIUS servers with IP addresses and The sample specifies the RADIUS server and shared secret as a single config element, and it also sources all requests from interface Loopback0: It also declares a group (named RadiusServers) and assign the two RADIUS servers to it. Extension:SimpleRadiusAuth - MediaWiki The SimpleRadiusAuth is an extension that queries a RADIUS server to authenticate users. Visitors can not create an account and users can not change their password. Requirements the shared secret for the server host is passed to the secret parameter. The Radius protocol ignores all but the leading 128 bytes of the shared secret. Packages — Package List — FreeRADIUS package | pfSense FreeRADIUS is a free implementation of the RADIUS protocol. Supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, LDAP, Kerberos. Refer to the following articles for more information on the listed topics: This appears to happen when the RADIUS shared secret contains special characters. Try again with an alphanumeric shared secret. Configuring RADIUS authentication for Global VPN Clients Enter the RADIUS server shared secret in the Shared Secret field. The alphanumeric Shared Secret can range from 1 to 31 characters in length. The shared secret is case sensitive. This Shared secret is used in an encryption process to obscure certain details in RADIUS messages such as user passwords. Configuring RADIUS Client and Associated

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The RADIUS client and server use the shared secret to encrypt the password. If you know the shared secret, and you can capture RADIUS packets with encrypted passwords, you can decrypt them and get the user's unencrypted password. Wireshark includes the ability to do this, of course:

Sep 15, 2014 · The Shared secret is stored in plain text in the .xml export file used in migration; I can't find a string that appears to be that shared secret. radius Thanks

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