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Facebook. In Mainland China, Facebook was blocked since July 2009. (In October, 2014, the … Are Facebook and Other Sites Blocked in China? - YES For example, The New York Times, Gmail, Youtube, Instagram & Facebook are all currently blocked. If you’d like to check a specific website to see if it’s blocked in cities like Beijing, Shanghai or others, you can use one of the following services, which will let you know in real-time if you’ll need a VPN to access the site while you’re List of Websites Blocked in China » WebNots Apr 30, 2019 Websites blocked in China (140+) and how to accessing them

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Google services blocked in China | Computerworld People within China's borders could try to do searches on the company's Google.com site but were sometimes blocked. In 2009, China began blocking Google's popular YouTube site. It is still blocked Is vid.me & bitchute.com blocked in China? - Quora There’s a great website that will allow you to check whether a website will work in China or not. The link is Great Firewall of China. Based on what the website says: You should try to test the website multiple times, in case it gives you false-po