Clears the routing table of all entries that are not host routes (routes with a netmask of, the loopback network route (routes with a destination of and a netmask of, or a multicast route (routes with a destination of and a netmask of

The routing switch does not continue trying to use routes on unreachable paths, but instead uses routes only when their paths are reachable. For example, the following command configures a static route to (with a network mask of, using as the next-hop router's IP … Windows Server 2008 IP routing configuration: Static and So those are the basics of configuring static routes at the command line. Now let's learn about configuring dynamic routing. Dynamic routing in Windows Server 2008 using RIPv2. Earlier in the article, I talked about the benefits of configuring dynamic routing. So now let me show you the steps to configuring RIPv2 in Windows 2008: How to Change Routing Tables with a Windows Command … Aug 26, 2016 Troubleshooting When BGP Routes Are Not Advertised - Cisco Jul 24, 2006

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