Target Tag → firewall.pfsense.system; Select the Is prefix checkbox to append the event's syslog tag to the Target Tag. pfSense configuration. Configure the sending of log events to the Devo Relay (a remote syslog server) using the pfSense web management interface: …

If I plug a device into LAN0, the device is assigned an IP (such as and can access the pfSense web interface at But if I plug into and of the other LAN* ports, my device isn't even assigned an IP, and can't see/access anything. What I want in the end is: Devices connected on LAN* can all connect to and interact with each other. How to setup pfSense for QNAP – Poyu Jun 12, 2020 Cant connect from host (windows) to pfsense (VirtualBox

Jun 12, 2020

Also, would you mind showing the IP and cidr of the PFSense interface? That would help a lot.. it sort of sounds like dhcp is handing out the incorrect subnet or something similar.. also, are you trying to connect to the web interface using a dns name, or the ip address directly? (I know a lot of these questions sound pointlessly simple, but How to install pfSense 2.3.3 the easy way! Apr 28, 2017

Tutorial - PFSense Remote Access using SSH [ Step by Step ]

I start regretting not buying a pfsense brand box ha ha :o. Also i have PIA VPN software running but that was switched of and the virtual interface shut down. Only direct on my NIC card from the laptop. (killer networking) What you have there is a self assigned ip address. I.E No dhcp from pfsense box by the look of it or cable disconected.