May 14, 2020

networking - How to change the secondary DNS server netsh interface ip add dns If a secondary DNS server already exists, it must first be removed before adding the new one. Again in cmd. netsh interface ip delete dns "[connection name]" [old DNS ip address] replace [connection name] with the name of the network adapter (i.e. "Local Area Connection") 10 Comandi di rete Netsh più utili su Windows - netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=disabled 9) Disattivare la scheda di rete e disconnettere il PC Per disconnettersi da internet e dalla rete in modo rapido, basta solo questo comando: netsh interface set interface "nome connessione di rete" disabled Per sapere il nome della connessione di rete vedi il punto 2 sopra. Per riattivare la rete:

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3 Steps to Reset TCP/IP Stack Windows 10 with Netsh Open Command Prompt Windows 10. Netshell is a Windows command-line utility which allows you …

How to Change Your Computer’s IP Address From the Command

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