UDP vs. TCP: Which is the Best?

Free Open Source Windows Routing Software A multi functional tool for port forwarding offers a full matrix of capabilities for selecting network traffic by interface,MAC,IP,TCP,UDP and forwarding it to another interface,MAC,IP,TCP,UDP. Flexible rules allow to change specific attributes of the traffic leaving the rest intact. The port forwarding rules can be imported/exported into XML Networking 101: Understanding Multicast Routing There are a few multicast routing mechanisms that we'll talk about today: DVMRP and PIM. Pausing for just a moment, it's important to realize that even today multicast isn't widely supported. Back in the day there was a mbone, or multicast backbone, that people connected to … RIP - The Wireshark Wiki The routing algorithm used in RIP, the Bellman-Ford algorithm, was first deployed in a computer network in 1969, as the initial routing algorithm of the ARPANET. The earliest version of the specific protocol that became RIP was the Gateway Information Protocol , part of Xerox Parc's PARC Universal Packet internetworking protocol suite. Next-Hop Based Tunnels for Layer 3 VPNs - TechLibrary

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The TCP/IP Guide - UDP Common Applications and Server Port Unlike more complex routing protocols like BGP, RIP uses a simple request/reply messaging system, doesn't require connections, and does require multicasts/broadcasts. This makes it a natural choice for UDP. If a routing update is sent due to a request and is lost, it can be replaced by sending a new request. User Datagram Protocol (UDP) - GeeksforGeeks

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Routers - Traefik If not specified, UDP routers will accept packets from all defined (UDP) entry points. If one wants to limit the router scope to a set of entry points, one should set … Tool for forwarding UDP packets Windows - Server Fault I was also trying to forward my DNS UDP packets from localhost:53 to OpenDNS_IP:5353 because my ISP redirects destination port 53 packets to their own server. Thank you for the information about such a great tool. Now I can use OpenDNS without setting up an intermediate router with dnsmasq and iptables rules. – Sourav Ghosh Aug 18 '18 at 5:32 Routing Information Protocol - Wikipedia