Accurately convert voice to text in over 125 languages and variants by applying Google’s powerful machine learning models with an easy-to-use API.

Dec 22, 2014 How to enable Ok Google on Google chrome? - YouTube Feb 24, 2015 Google Chrome is Voice Enabled Now - C# Corner Google Chrome is Voice Enabled Now I was doing a search in Google Chrome on website and notice a new little icon for Search using voice. I clicked on it and I could see Speak Now option. This is how results look like after I asked for C# Corner. Not bad. Not bad at all. Your computer must have microphone to capture the sound. Namaste! Google Chrome Blog: Hands-free Google Voice Search in Chrome With the latest Chrome Beta, you can search by voice on Google—no typing, clicking or hand-washing required. Simply open a new tab or visit in Chrome, say "Ok Google…

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Jul 10, 2017 · Google Voice allows users to record incoming calls. Additional Benefits of Google Voice for Business Use Include: The personal use benefits also apply to business use. If you use Google Voice as your primary business phone, but maintain a personal line you can forward your calls to all your phones simultaneously. Dec 22, 2014 · Chrome OS has taken another leaf out of the Android book of user experience as it gains support for “always on” ‘Ok Google’ voice search, similar to that already available on select Android smartphones. Chromebook owners running the latest developer channel release can try the new feature by choosing to opt into testing. How it Works

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